International News: On October 6, 2020, the international media organization (IMO) issued initiative, called on the media institutions, Jointing.Medias to provide the public with accurate and reliable information, in order to deal with the incalculable damage caused by the COVID-19 pandemic,then really let “information to promote the sustainable development”,and work together for health, peace, and beautiful earth.

IMO written proposal

Global media organizations,Jointing.Media:

The world is facing its greatest challenge in recorded human history when COVID-19 pandemic devastated and killed people.

In this time of crisis, sharing of reliable, proven information helps keep everyone safe, while misleading information can put lives at risk.

If societies fail to disseminate accurate and reliable information, promote scientific and truly effective solutions, and break down barriers within and between nations to achieve solidarity among all human beings, the world is likely to fail to control the spread of disease. Only when everyone could get accurate and reliable information, it will be possible to control the spread of the virus.

People around the world are desperately searching for information about how to stay safe, keep hope and work together. The need for accurate, reliable information has never been so urgent.

The International Media Organization (IMO) is proud to work with news organizations, Jointing.Medias and NGOs around the world to provide accurate information on COVID-19 to the public.

The International Media Organization (IMO) calls on all media organizations and Jointing.Medias to provide the public with reliable sources of life-saving information, fact-based advice, and real stories of highlight humanity.

The International Media Organization (IMO) hopes to work with more media organizations and Jointing.Medias to help protect people and society through the dissemination of information, and to build a bridge of cooperation and development across the globe.

Sincerely, Chen Xuegang

International Media Organization (IMO)  

October 6,2020

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